ASA Brings Back Daniel Mendelsohn as Principal and Energy Resources Group Lead

NARRAGANSETT, RI – To address the growing need and importance of renewable energy, climate change and sustainability services, ASA has brought back Daniel Mendelsohn, as Principal and Energy Resources Group Lead to their growing team of consultants.  Widely considered one of the top experts in renewable energy development and project management, Daniel brings 25 years experience in the implementation and management of engineering analyses, modeling studies, environmental impact assessments, site assessment/feasibility studies, field monitoring programs, and data analysis.

Originally with ASA from 1985-2001, he has been at Applied Technology and Management Inc. (ATM) for the past 5 years and now returns to lead ASA’s Energy Resources Group. Daniel has developed and applied numerous computer simulation models to address engineering problems in the environment and has provided support to the public and private sectors for environmental and permitting issues, environmental resource assessment, and model prediction including meteorological, hydrodynamics and pollutant transport and fates.

In recent years, Mr. Mendelsohn has focused on the conceptual design, feasibility, planning and development of renewable energy system projects for electric power cooperatives, municipalities, state government agencies, resort developments, and several high-profile offshore wind energy projects in the U.S.  He is experienced in the environmental issues facing regulators and the power industry and will work on multi-disciplinary teams at ASA to address energy, climate, and sustainability issues.

Among Daniel’s recent accomplishments is his leadership role in a series of sustainable energy projects both local and global.  Locally, for the State of Rhode Island, he was Principal-in-Charge and project manager, Wind Resources and Environmental Engineer for the RIWINDS project, to assess the feasibility of producing 15% of the state’s aggregate electrical demand from wind generation. Notable and expansive projects abroad include the Salt Cay Development in Turks & Caicos, where he was project manager for the evaluation of the feasibility of implementing sustainable energy generators to meet a large energy load for a proposed island resort. The study is focused on using proven technologies from the wind, solar and waste to energy (W2E) industries in addition to the newer ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) technologies.  Additionally, Daniel worked as project lead on a sustainable development project in Holbox Island, Mexico, evaluating the feasibility of implementing sustainable energy generators for off-setting the electrical energy needs for a proposed island resort. A technical and economic feasibility study of the system was performed and Mr. Mendelsohn evaluated the use of renewable energy sources independently and in combination with conventional and emergency conventional sources of energy, with a focus on using proven renewable technologies from the wind, solar PV and thermal, and waste to energy industries.

Daniel’s experience and qualification for the role at ASA is matched only by his passion for contributing on the promise of a renewable energy future, “Having been on the practical side of the renewable energy resource assessment and development business for a while, I know that it is fully possible for renewable energy to become a major competitor on the open market and that it has the potential, over the long term, to entirely replace fossil fuels for energy. I am thrilled to be back at ASA and tapping our unique combination of analytical, computer modeling, engineering and interactive geographical data representation expertise to continue to propagate the very promising alternative energy solutions worldwide.  ASA offers a worldwide reputation for scientific excellence that will foster this potential and make a greater impact serving the new energy and sustainable development markets.”