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Webinar Added: WattTime – Enabling End-Users to Avoid Electric Grid Emissions in Real-Time

Posted November 20, 2017 by

WattTime’s technology automatically detects the marginal emissions rate of grid-supplied electricity in real time. With this information, WattTime makes it possible, with a single software update, to enable nearly any Internet-connected device to influence which power plants it effectively consumes energy from. Anything connected to the internet that consumes, generates, or stores power can use WattTime software to optimize its activity to automatically reduce its carbon and other emissions footprints, and simultaneously help clean and renewable power plants compete on the grid. WattTime recently became a subsidiary organization of the Rocky Mountain Institute. WattTime is a tech startup that is also a nonprofit.

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*Apologies for the partial recording – a few minutes at the beginning of the webinar are missing from the recording.*

Program Chair:

  • Michael X. Macrae, Ph.D., LEED Green Assoc., Energy Analytics Manager, Harvard University


  • Gavin McCormick, Co-Founder and Executive Director, WattTime