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Webinar Added: Energy Resources – Public Perception of Power

Posted September 18, 2018 by

Utilities and product companies are undergoing unprecedented change driven by climate policy, innovative smart-grid technologies, customer adoption of distributed energy, and new customer expectations. The stakes are high, and so is the price tag. Are customers really looking for an energy revolution ā€“ akin to how smart phones have changed the telecom industry? Or are they just looking for more affordable, resilient, reliable, clean power from their trusted utility? What are the barriers and opportunities for adapting to a shifting energy marketplace and how do utilities and customer adapt? We have asked customers directly what they expect and need from their utility and how they see the future. Join us for an information presentation to illuminate public opinion on this topic.

Program Chair:

  • Dale Knapp, MSc, CSS, LSE, CEP, PWS, Senior Environmental Consultant, Tetra Tech

Webinar Presentation:

Utility of the Future: The Customer’s Perspective

  • Harrison Grubbs, Director of Strategic Partnerships, KSV Company

Please click the link below to view a recording of the webinar. Apologies for the clipped introductions.


To stay up to date with Harrison and KSV please visit the EnergyWire blog. You can also contact Harrison directly: (212) 366-4000 or hgrubbs@ksvc.com.