Tighe & Bond Publishes 2016 CT Water & Sewer Rate Surveys

Data provides benchmarking tool for systems statewide

Westfield, Massachusetts – June 28, 2017 –Earlier this month, Tighe & Bond published the results of its most recent Connecticut Water and Sewer Rate Survey. Since 1998, Tighe & Bond has gathered and published Connecticut water and sewer user rates data that municipal government, regional authorities and private water suppliers can use as a benchmarking tool for comparing their rates against other suppliers in the state.

The survey, conducted across the state during 2016, includes typical annual homeowner water and sewer costs for most systems throughout Connecticut. It also provides information regarding rate structures and billing cycles. This can be particularly useful information when suppliers are considering adjustments to their current rates or rate structures.

What’s New This Year

Tighe & Bond is now teaming with the Environmental Finance Center at the University of North Carolina School of Government to present the results of the firm’s rate study using a free, online rates dashboard developed, hosted and maintained by the Center. This gives users more flexibility in examining the survey data. Users can adjust the assumed annual usage that the comparison is based on, review conservation and affordability metrics, as well as compare annual bills. They can also compare rates by utility size, river basin, geographic area, and median household income.

Survey Results

The 2016 water survey indicates that annual water costs in Connecticut range from a low of $173 to a high of $932. The 2016 average was $509, and the median $500. Twelve percent of survey respondents had increased their rates since Tighe & Bond’s 2013 survey.

The 2016 sewer survey indicates that annual sewer costs in Connecticut range from a low of $130 to a high of $1,469. The 2016 average was $472, and the median $401.  Fourteen percent of survey respondents had increased their rates since Tighe & Bond’s 2013 survey.

Anyone can access the online rates dashboard, or request a copy of these survey results, by visiting https://www.tighebond.com/category/rate-surveys.

Tighe & Bond’s Blog for Water System Challenges

One of the most commonly reported challenges facing water systems across Connecticut is aging infrastructure. A rate structure designed to provide sustainable revenue for operations and capital programs is critical to ensure reliable, safe drinking water and effective sewer and fire protection. Tighe & Bond’s “Water Insights” blog located at https://www.tighebond.com/category/water-insights/ features numerous articles supporting municipal and water company concerns including “A Best Practices Guide for Evaluating Water & Sewer Rates Effectively”; “6 Steps to Get Funding for Your Water Infrastructure Project”; “7 Things to Consider When Comparing Water Rates” and “8 Reasons You Can Use to Gain Your Customers’ Support for Increasing Water Rates”. Each article includes brief charts to aid in stakeholder outreach.

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