The Weather Channel Unlocks The Climate Code This Fall

Somewhere between hyperbole and disregard is the truth about Earth’s climate and global warming. Beginning October 1, 2006, The Weather Channel will shed light on the science of global warming and other environmental issues with a new weekly series, “The Climate Code With Dr. Heidi Cullen.”

Airing at 5 p.m. ET each Sunday, the half hour show will examine the most pressing climate issues of the day through the expertise of Dr. Cullen, as well as the opinions and perspective of national and international figures.

Dr. Cullen, a climatologist formerly with the National Center for Atmospheric Research, says the show will bring environmental issues down to the local level. “We’ll be connecting the dots for people,” she explained, “taking the time and effort to help our viewers understand and relate to all of the issues and opinions related to the climate, and how they play a role in it all.”

Added Terry Connelly, senior vice president of programming for The Weather Channel: “Dr. Cullen has the ability to take these very complex issues, and the broad range of opinions they engender, and make them accessible to the average person. Her scientific expertise is balanced with a passion for building understanding and a style that is immediately approachable.”

In addition to weekly interviews with other scientists, policy makers, and opinion leaders, The Climate Code will feature segments highlighting different aspects of the world’s climate. The features will examine what people can do to help the environment; debunk some of the popular myths around the climate; look at how scientific understanding has changed in recent decades; and explore technological advances that can benefit everyone.

The Climate Code will also welcome user-generated content to give people around the country the opportunity to share their efforts in addressing their own local climate issues.

Since 2003, Dr. Cullen has been the lead climatologist for The Weather Channel and a principle contributor to the network’s position on global warming. She currently writes and produces “Forecast Earth” headlines that air throughout the day.