TestAmerica Analytical Testing Corp. and Severn Trent Laboratories Inc. Re-launch Under TestAmerica Brand

The previously announced union between market leaders STL and TestAmerica has advanced significantly in all aspects of the business and the executive team is ready to unveil the new branding for the combined business.

Starting today, the combined business will use the new TestAmerica brand and will begin transitioning to the new identity in all internal and external operations and communication.
TestAmerica President and CEO (former STL President and CEO) Rachel Brydon Jannetta commented, “We are excited to provide our clients with exceptional customer service, unparalleled technical expertise and the broadest range of products and services ever offered by one company and now all under the TestAmerica brand. Our enhanced value proposition and our commitment to our clients and employees will continue to be reflected in our newly phrased Vision and Mission Statements.”

Tom Barr, Chairman and CEO of TestAmerica Holdings, Inc. said, “The partnership process since our announcement in December 2006 has been non-stop. We have successfully integrated our various companies, offering the most complete depth of products, services, capacity, locations, expertise, and industry tenure. Our services now range from analytical testing to the other TestAmerica Holding Company divisions, providing mold and allergen testing, environmental drilling, air emissions testing and product sales. This has been a dream of mine for the past twenty years. Our over 3,000 employees are dedicated to client satisfaction, the environment and personal growth.”

Ms. Brydon Jannetta added, “A cross functional team is charged with the transition to the new brand – this will in no way affect our service to clients. All laboratories, service centers and product companies will continue to deliver the high-quality service that clients have come to expect.”

As part of the re-branding initiative, TestAmerica will fold all of its communications, marketing, and identity efforts under the new brand.

About TestAmerica

TestAmerica is a leading provider of environmental testing, servicing clients through its four divisions. The analytical testing division performs tests in scientific laboratories to detect trace level organic and inorganic contaminants in soil, water, waste, and air samples that are shipped from industrial processing and other sites that are being investigated, monitored or remediated for the presence of harmful substances. EMLab, the analytical mold testing division, specializes in the analysis of molds, yeasts, bacteria, and allergens. The air emissions sampling division collects air samples from the emissions of industrial processes that are then processed and tested by the company?s fully-equipped, on-site mobile laboratories to determine their compliance with applicable environmental regulations. The drilling division drills wells through complex geologies for the environmental testing, monitoring and remediation of industrial processing sites, government/military facilities, gas stations, and other sites that may potentially contain harmful substances in soil, water, or sludge. For more information, visit TestAmerica online at http://www.testamericainc.com.

About STL

STL is a leading environmental testing firm with 32 laboratories throughout the United States. STL provides a wide variety of analytical testing services, including dioxin detection and air analyses; indoor air quality, food and consumer products testing; and a range of products used in the sampling and testing process. STL Operations also include 16 Service Centers and QED Environmental Systems, Inc., the leading supplier of groundwater sampling equipment and remediation pumping systems. STL affiliates include the Aerotech P&K; team, which brings together the capabilities of Aerotech Laboratories, Inc. and P&K; Microbiology Services, Inc. STL employs over 2,100 people. For more information, visit STL online http://www.stl-inc.com.