Tech Environmental Performs Community Sound Assessment for Scituate Wind Power

The Town of Scituate, MA, plans to install a wind turbine to augment the town’s energy supply with clean, renewable wind power. The project will take advantage of the Massachusetts coast’s high winds and state support for local wind power projects through the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative.

Tech Environmental performed a community sound assessment for the town to address local concerns about noise impacts. Tech made ambient background sound level measurements around the proposed wind turbine site in residential areas, and collected associated wind measurements on-site. The sound and wind measurements were correlated to determine sound levels occurring during periods where wind turbines might operate. Manufacturer’s data for wind turbines were used to calculate future sound levels in the area using the Cadna/A noise model, including corrections for terrain and ground absorption.

Model results were compared to measured background levels to ensure that significant increases in noise will not occur at nearby residences. Tech Environmental assisted the Town in choosing optimal turbine locations.