Sustainable Energy Advantage (SEA) will be hosting a free webinar, “Achieving Insight into the Massachusetts Solar Market”.

On December 4th, Sustainable Energy Advantage (SEA) will host a free webinar “Achieving Insight into the Massachusetts Solar Market” to discuss the evolution of the Massachusetts SREC policy and market. Our goal is to provide a window into the future impact of the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) solar photovoltaic (PV) support policy on solar PV development in the state.

Since 1998, SEA has been the leading provider of objective and credible analysis of renewable energy markets and policies in the northeast for a client base that spans the marketplace. In June of 2012, SEA hosted a webinar entitled “Massachusetts Solar Energy Market Outlook” to brief subscribers on our scenario analysis and projection of the state’s SREC-I policy, which (among other observations) successfully predicted when the SREC-I market would fulfill its 400 MW target. Earlier this year, SEA led a team conducting for DOER analyses of costs and incentive requirements under different futures to inform DOER as they considered alternatives for taking Massachusetts to 1600 MW by the year 2020.

This free webinar will present some of our preliminary quantitative analysis of the SREC-I and SREC-II policies, as well as introduce SEA’s solar subscription and consulting services:

  • The wind-down of DOER’s SREC I Program. We will provide new analysis and insight into the factors driving the ultimate size and characteristics of the SREC-I market resulting from DOER’s emergency regulations increasing the 400 MW target, and the implications of those results on the final SREC-I target and future SREC-I obligation.
  • Ramp-up of DOER’s Proposed SREC-II Program. We will provide new high-level analysis of the implications of DOER’s current SREC-II proposal on development hot and cold spots in the marketplace which will drive future market trends under a variety of combinations of installation type, policy, ownership, and location.
  • Implications of interconnection and net metering developments on the SREC-I and SREC-II markets.
  • SEA’s Solar Toolkit, our suite of information, analysis and consulting tools and services designed to help stakeholders prepare for success in the new SREC-II marketplace.

This is a free event.  Advance registration is required.

To register, please CLICK HERE or use the link below.