Installs Hydrodynamic Separator in Stamford

Long Island Sound: Water clean enough to drink?

On Friday, November 6,, will be installing its first Hydrodynamic separator in the state at Stamford’s Harbor Point Development Project – Terre Kleen is a unit that relies in part on 80 year old technology adapted from the potable water system arena.

“The reason that this installation is so exciting” says Stormwaterworks owner Nanda Zimmerman, “is that the Terre Kleen unit is a water quality treatment vault which will capture sediment, trash/debris and oil preventing this pollution from reaching The Sound. Containing this pollution will have a positive impact on the water quality in our harbor and Long Island Sound.”

Additionally, the Terre Kleen is highly efficient at capturing and containing pollutants in a smaller footprint. This efficiency allows building contractors to install these systems in projects where space is at a premium. This ultimately makes stormwater treatment more accessible, further cleaning up our local waters. Cleaning The Sound and keeping it that way is so important to the quality and way of life in Connecticut, as well as the rest of the Eastern Seaboard. LLC is Stamford based woman owned company whose mission is to help businesses and municipalities manage and improve stormwater runoff. By cleaning stormwater runoff, we are able to improve the quality of water entering US receiving waters: lakes, rivers, streams and Long Island Sound.

For further information can be contacted by email [email protected]