Ryan Daly Re-joins RPF Environmental, Inc.

Amesbury, MA, April 3, 2018: RPF Environmental, Inc., an environmental health and safety (EH&S) consulting firm, is pleased to announce that Ryan Daly has recently re-joined the company as an EH&S technician, after an extended opportunity to travel. Mr. Daly seamlessly reintegrated with the team and is providing services to RPF Environmental’s customers, including control projects requiring specialization in air sampling; water related field work; and management of asbestos, lead and other hazardous materials. Mr. Daly also participates in environmental investigations, industrial hygiene monitoring, building surveys, and other EH&S projects.

Mr. Daly earned a Bachelor of Science in occupational health from Keene State College. Since he first joined RPF Environmental in 2015, he continued his education by gaining several certifications and licenses for work involving asbestos; as well as on-the-job experience conducting water damage assessments, industrial hygiene and safety/OSHA consulting, and other hazardous materials related projects.

RPF Environmental is an environmental testing and industrial hygiene consulting firm, with offices located in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire; providing indoor air quality assessments, industrial hygiene investigations, safety audits, hazardous material surveys, environmental site assessments, and other related projects. Visit their website at www.airpf.com or call 1-888 SAFE AIR.