Request for Survey Participation – Climate Change and Threats

If you live or work in the Greater Boston Area and, in a professional or volunteer capacity, help make decisions for organizations that could be influenced by climate change (e.g., a city planner, facilities manager, health care professional), please participate in the following survey!

This survey will support a project entitled the Greater Boston Research Advisory Group (GBRAG). The GBRAG project will build upon the 2016 Boston Research Advisory Group (BRAG) report, which presented the first scientific consensus on climate changes specifically related to the City of Boston. This project will update and expand the analysis to investigate climate changes and threats to the entire MAPC region, including the 101 cities and towns within the Greater Boston Area. In addition to a report on the climate changes in the Greater Boston Area, the project team will also produce two Special Reports on topics of interest to the region.

This project is being conducted by the School for the Environment and the Urban Harbors Institute at the University of Massachusetts Boston and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) over the period of October 2018 through December 2021. The Barr Foundation is providing funding for this project.