Request for Proposals for Erosion and Sedimentation Control Education Specialist

Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions (MACC) is a private non-profit organization located in Belmont whose primary mission is to support and educate conservation commissions. MACC has five staff members, an educational consultant, and a working Board of Directors. MACC received a grant in 2009 to develop new statewide educational programs on erosion and sedimentation control. An Erosion and Sedimentation Control Program Coordinator has been hired to coordinate 20 workshops throughout the state over the next year. MACC is interested in retaining the services of an erosion and sediment control specialist to provide professional expertise and assistance in the creation and development of these training programs.

Tasks and Deliverables:
1. Creation of either a 2-day or 2, 1-day Erosion & Sediment Control training program(s) geared toward construction site supervisors and project designers to be implemented throughout Massachusetts, the format and content to be mutually agreed upon by the vendor and MACC. This training program shall contain a coastal and inland version.
2. Creation of a professional PowerPoint presentation and handouts for this training program(s).
Qualifications and Requirements:

  • The vendor shall be a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC), a Certified Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control (CISEC or CESSWI), or hold another equivalent certification in Erosion and Sediment Control.
  • The vendor shall have a thorough understanding of current erosion and sediment control technologies, of state and federal environmental regulations and the roles of EPA, DEP, and Conservation Commissions in Massachusetts.
  • The vendor shall have extensive experience with construction best management practices, wetland and resource area protections, and Conservation Commissions in Massachusetts.
  • The vendor shall be familiar with the erosion and sediment control training programs in surrounding New England states.
  • The vendor shall have extensive experience designing and developing educational programs and shall have excellent attention to detail.
  • The vendor shall be able to communicate clearly and collaborate easily with the ESC Program Coordinator, other MACC staff and members of the ESC Technical Advisory Committee, as necessary.
  • At the conclusion of the project, all materials developed by the vendor shall become the exclusive property of MACC.
  • When applicable and with prior approval by MACC, travel and expenses shall be billed at cost.