Now accepting Society of Wetland Scientists 2016 Award Nominations and Abstracts!

It’s time to submit your research! 
The SWS Program Committee is now accepting abstract submissions. All individuals who are passionate about the advancement of wetland science are invited to submit an abstract relating to this year’s theme: Protecting wetland ecosystem services. Promoting stronger economies. The program will highlight the interdisciplinary nature of wetland science and practice, how wetland protection and restoration plays a positive role in our economy, as well as the importance of using sound science to inform management strategies and enhance societal wetland benefits. Before you prepare your abstract, please review the following submission types:

  • Poster presentation: accepted presenting author(s) are required to stand by their poster and be available to answer questions during the poster session.
  • Oral presentation: accepted oral presenting author(s) will be invited to make a 20-minute presentation including time for questions.
  • Oral presentation or poster presentation: this option is for those who are open to presenting their research in either a poster or oral setting.
  • Invited symposium: this option is only for those who have been invited by the author of an accepted Symposium Proposal and will be presenting research on the specific symposium topic.

Instructions and guidelines are available online through our abstract submission site as well as the meeting website. If you have any questions please contact Alli Schultz at [email protected]. The abstract submission deadline is Friday, Jan. 29, 2016. 

Don’t miss your chance to apply for a prestigious Society Award!
The SWS Awards Committee invites individuals to apply or nominate a fellow SWS colleague for a Society award or student research grant. Below are the list of awards that are available for the 2016 Annual Meeting. To apply for one of the following awards, please click the award title in order to complete your application. If you have any questions please contact Alli Schultz at [email protected]. Application deadline is Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016.

For more information visit our Society Awards or Student Research Grants page. Recipients will be recognized at the SWS Annual Meeting, May 31 – June 4, in Corpus Christi, Texas.

International Travel Award 
The International Travel Award provides financial assistance to talented and well-motivated wetland scientists from developing countries, who are disadvantaged through regional economic conditions, so they are able to attend the SWS Annual Meeting as well as receive a free SWS membership for three years.

International Fellow Award 
The International Fellow Award is presented to an internationally outstanding wetland scientist for distinguished contributions to the field of wetland science and for fostering the aims of the SWS within their own country and abroad. Except for extraordinary circumstances, candidates should live and work outside of the United States. A nomination letter, two supporting letters and a resume are required for each nomination.

Lifetime Achievement Award 
This award is presented to individuals in honor of a distinguished and extensive career of consistent meritorious contributions to wetland science and management. The award honors wetland scientists who have achieved special distinction in their career through sustained contributions to research, education, or policy in any field of wetlands science or management. The award includes a Lifetime SWS Membership.

Merit Award 
The Merit Award recognizes individuals demonstrating outstanding original research, achievement, or contribution to wetland science while inspiring future efforts. The award comes with a three-year membership in the Society.

Student Research Grant 
Student Grants-in-Aid are awarded annually on a competitive basis to graduate or undergraduate students in support of research on wetlands. Please note: SWS Student Research Grants are intended to aid student’s costs of travel, room and board in the course of field investigation and to help cover costs of expendable materials and supplies required in the execution of the proposed research.