Normandeau Associates, Inc. Awarded Services Contract by PPL Corporation for Brunner Island

Stowe, Pennsylvania – September 18, 2008. Normandeau Associates was recently awarded a contract by PPL Corporation (PPL) to monitor Susquehanna River fish and macroinvertebrate aquatic communities near the PPL Brunner Island power plant, a large coal-fired station located in York Haven, Pennsylvania. PPL entered into a Consent Order and Agreement (COA) with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) in 2006 to construct and operate cooling towers at the station. The cooling towers will operate during the warmer months to eliminate the thermal effects of the cooling water discharged back to the river. A portion of the COA also stipulated seasonal biomonitoring of the aquatic communities to evaluate responses to cooling tower operations. The COA identified these conditions for the subsequent NPDES permit period through 2013. Normandeau Associates worked with PPL to develop a study plan for the summer and winter biomonitoring for submittal and approval by the PADEP. Historical fish and invertebrate data collected by Normandeau Associates were used to develop biotic indices that would form part of the evaluation of cooling tower effectiveness. The study plan was approved by the PADEP in 2008 and monitoring has commenced. The cooling towers are expected to begin operation in the spring of 2010. The evaluation period will occur over five years, including two years of pre-tower operation (2008-09 to 2009-10) and three years of post-tower operation (2010-11 to 2012-13).

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