Normandeau Associates, Inc. Awarded Maine Department of Marine Resources Contract

Falmouth, Maine – 2009 –

The Maine Department of Marine Resources has awarded Normandeau Associates a contract to review the scientific basis for environmental windows (also known as time of year restrictions).  Dredging projects frequently must comply with environmental windows to protect sensitive marine resources, such as anadromous fish passage and spawning habitats. Normandeau Associates will review the scientific literature on dredging impacts with a focus on studies relevant to Maine waters.  Normandeau Associates will  determine whether environmental windows are effective, as well as to identify data gaps and measures to improve the permitting process.

About Normandeau Associates, Inc.

Normandeau Associates, Inc., in business for nearly 40 years, is an employee-owned company known throughout the U.S. for its technical excellence and outstanding client service.  Normandeau Associates specializes in natural resource management, water quality monitoring and modeling, dredge monitoring, habitat restoration, environmental monitoring, and public involvement and community outreach.  Normandeau provides services across several market sectors including transportation, ports and waterways, hydropower, gas transmission, energy, NGO’s, Federal, state and municipal.

Normandeau Associates was founded in 1970 as a privately owned company.  In July 2000, the company became employee-owned. Company management believes that employee ownership will further enhance technical excellence and ability to solve client environmental problems effectively and efficiently.  Normandeau Associates works closely with clients, regulators and communities to seek solutions that enhance economic development, meet regulatory requirements, actively involve stakeholders, and protect and restore natural resources and water quality.  For more information about Normandeau Associates, Inc. visit our website at


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