NEWEA Group Tours NewStream

Wastewater professionals from around New England toured the facility as part of the New England Water Environment Association’s 2009 Annual Conference

ATTLEBORO, MA, Issued May 1, 2009 – NewStream LLC, an innovative environmental services company specializing in industrial wastewater treatment and materials recovery, recently hosted a group of 25 wastewater professionals from around New England as part of the New England Water Environment Association’s (NEWEA) 2009 Annual Conference and Exhibit.

The January 26 tour was co-sponsored by Fuss & O’Neil, a full-service engineering consulting firm with offices throughout the Northeast, and was part of NEWEA’s focus on industrial wastewater during the first day of the conference. Participants from environmental consulting companies, environmental services companies, and municipal wastewater treatment plants in the region saw first-hand the new technologies that innovative companies like NewStream are putting into practice to pre-treat industrial wastewater.

Of particular interest were NewStream’s batch treatment system, which allows the Company to segregate waste streams and ensure optimal treatment of each individual stream; and the Moving Bed Bioreactor that is used to reduce COD loading from high-strength organic waste streams.

Originally built for the Texas Instruments Sensors & Controls division, the world-class 90,000-ftfacility has a one million gallon outdoor tank farm and the capability to receive waste streams by truck or rail and treat up to 800 gallons per minute of wastewater from a wide variety of off-site sources. Filling a niche in the New England wastewater industry, NewStream has been steadily growing since opening in 2005, drawing attention from groups like NEWEA because of its versatility, low prices, quick response time, and convenient location and hours of operation (24/7).

NewStream President, Mike Spoor says of the event, “We were honored to have the NEWEA group come through our facility. The New England environmental industry is always evolving, and the folks from NEWEA are right in the middle of it all. It was a wonderful opportunity to showcase NewStream’s technologies and capabilities.”

CONTACT: Jessie Hanlon, NewStream LLC, 508-236-6001, [email protected]