New EBC Energy Resources Committee Formed By Merging Energy and Renewable Energy Committees

The Environmental Business Council of New England’s (EBC) Board has voted to create a new EBC Energy Resources Committee by merging the previous Energy and Renewable Energy Committees. Stephen Barrett, Director of Clean Energy at HMMH, will serve as Chairman of the new Committee. Fred Sellars, Vice President at Tetra Tech, will serve as the Committee’s Vice Chairman for Energy Infrastructure and Markets. John Wadsworth, Partner at Brown Rudnick, will serve as Vice Chairman for Renewable Energy.

EBC has long been active in the region’s energy industry given the strong ties between environmental and energy issues. A renewable energy focused committee was originally formed in 2009 when activity in the renewable energy sector began to accelerate. Initially the interest was focused on land-based wind energy with large wind farms being proposed in Northern New England and smaller installations in Southern New England, as well as tracking progress with the first offshore wind proposals from Cape Wind and Deepwater Wind. Renewables quickly expanded to encompass solar photovoltaic with the development of a robust market in specific states such as Connecticut and Massachusetts where incentive programs were established. Other technologies from marine hydrokinetics to biomass and anaerobic digestion have also been proposed throughout the region, which has attracted a significant amount of interest from EBC’s diverse membership. Recently, as renewable and traditional energy generation and distribution have become increasingly intertwined, it is clear that a single energy resources committee is more appropriate for the comprehensive program development necessary to keep EBC companies current with the dynamic state of energy in New England.

The Energy Resources Committee is supported by a Leadership Team comprised of experienced and dedicated environmental professionals with a strong focus on energy. The Leadership Team directs the development of EBC committee programming. A list of the leadership team members and the committee’s mission statement can be found at We are always looking for new members of the committee and leadership, particularly from those professionals who are looking for opportunities to expand their business networks and marketing opportunities. Contact EBC staff to indicate your interest. We look forward to seeing you all at future EBC Energy Resources Committee meetings and programs.