New Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Climate Strategies

From: Laurie Burt

I am pleased to announce the creation of a new Deputy Assistant Commissioner (DAC) for Climate Strategies in the Bureau of Waste Prevention. And, I am very pleased that Nancy Seidman has agreed to take on this new role in the Bureau.   Nancy has served as the Division Director for Consumer and Transportation Programs since 2001 and has been involved in many issues related to climate change throughout her professional career. This assignment is effective as of April 7.

After a series of discussions with senior BWP staff and the Commissioner’s Office and consideration of the many active and on-going climate related activities throughout the Department and at EEA, we decided that an important first step is to create a new Deputy Assistant Commissioner position specifically to coordinate our efforts to meet the challenge of climate change.  This position is being created in coordination with other initiatives in the Commissioner’s Office and in the Department, all of which are intended to enable us to effectively respond to climate-related issues.

As DAC for Climate Strategies, Nancy will be responsible for coordinating, and in some cases managing, BWP activities and programs for mitigation of greenhouse gases (GHG).   Those activities will range from implementation of established programs, such as RGGI-related regulations and programs, to working with all BWP Divisions, as well as other DEP Bureaus, on the development of new GHG related strategies.  The DAC will be a resource for other bureaus, regional offices, and programs with respect to GHG, climate, and energy related issues. Nancy will serve on the EEA climate roadmap steering committee, and work with the Commissioner’s Office to identify the roles and responsibilities for DEP in implementing the roadmap.  She will also work with the Commissioner’s Office on national climate change mitigation strategies, including federal legislation. The Bureau staff working primarily on RGGI implementation and strategy development will report to the DAC.

Nancy will also assist the Assistant Commissioner and the BWP senior management team in further reviewing the BWP Boston office organization to identify opportunities to be better poised to meet the challenges of climate change issues. I will keep you posted as this review continues.

We are very fortunate that Christine Kirby and Greg Cooper have agreed to be Acting Division Director for Consumer and Transportation Programs for BWP. Christine will be Acting Division Director from April through September 2008; Greg will be Acting Divison Director from October through March 2009. At that time, we will assess staff assignments and any organizational changes, as appropriate.

Please join me in congratulating Nancy Seidman in her new position as Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Climate Strategies.

Laurie Burt Commissioner
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection