NERC’s Spring Workshop: Urban & Rural Organics Management

NERC’s Spring 2014 Workshop will Focus on Urban & Rural Organics Management Programs. You’ve heard it said that diverting organics can increase a community’s waste diversion rate. And you may wonder how that’s feasible in a heavily populated area where neighbors are sensitive to smells, or in rural areas where transportation and the expense of collection are concerns.

NERC’s Organics Management Workshop, to be held on April 15 – 16, in Freeport, Maine, will address the technical and practical aspects associated with developing and maintaining organics management programs in both urban and rural areas.Expert trainers and pertinent sessions will teach and aid attendees to understanding the composting process, potential problems, and available technologies. In addition, hands-on exercises will give attendees the opportunity to solve common problems and to design facilities that avoid potential problems.

The workshop registration are now available.