Meridian Associates Announces Acquisition of Sustainnovation Consulting, Inc.

Sustainnovation complements Meridian with a full suite of sustainability services that help businesses reduce both environmental impacts and operations costs

BEVERLY, Mass.  –  April 8, 2009 – Meridian Associates, Inc., a leading provider of Renewable Energy, Engineering and Laser Scanning services today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Sustainnovation Consulting, Inc., a Concord, MA-based sustainability consulting firm. Sustainnovation?s services address waste, energy, facilities and systems with business strategies that drive operational efficiencies, reduce carbon emissions and improve brand value and social responsibility. With the addition of Sustainnovation Consulting’s comprehensive services, Meridian Associates enhances its portfolio to include energy strategy, efficiency, conservation, waste reduction and diversion, sustainability assessment and policy development, and frameworks for education and training.

“Meridian Associates and Sustainnovation Consulting have a shared vision that is focused on integrating environmental stewardship, economic development and the well-being of people, today and for future generations,” according to Don Bowen, principal of Meridian Associates.  “We at Meridian Associates are extremely excited about the acquisition of Sustainnovation Consulting , and we believe our combined offerings are in line with the future needs of industry and the public interest to offset environmental impacts with innovative strategies that make good business sense.”

“With consumers and stakeholders holding the Climate Crisis high on their agenda, those businesses that do not adapt will face increased scrutiny and as a result, diminished market share. Organizations across North America are quickly realizing the strategic value of sustainability as a means of reducing costs, reducing carbon emissions and improving their role in the community,” said Rob Howe, President of Sustainnovation Consulting. “Joining forces with Meridian Associates enables us to extend our services and open new markets while we forge opportunities to promote sustainable and green initiatives.”

With this acquisition, Sustainnovation Consulting becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Meridian Associates.  Rob Howe, a co-founder of the firm, will manage the new division as its president.

About Sustainnovation Consulting
Sustainnovation Consulting empowers enterprises of all kinds to realize the benefits of a sustainable strategy and, in the process, increase their profitability, reduce their costs, increase their credibility with and in support of the community, and renew their relationship with the environment for the better.  Sustainnovation Consulting founders Rob Howe and Mark Myles came together with a common passion: to improve their communities, to combat global warming, and to implement sustainability as a core strategy for institutions of all kinds.

About Meridian Associates
Meridian Associates, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary planning, civil engineering, land surveying and landscape architecture firm. Meridian offers land development and infrastructure consulting services to corporate, commercial, industrial, institutional and public sector clients. The firm is headquartered in Beverly, MA with regional offices in Westborough, MA, Houston, TX, and Cherry Hill, NJ. To learn more about Meridian Associates, Inc., visit them at or contact them at 800-466-5505.