Launch of EcoBusiness Carbon Accounting Solution

Boston, Mass.–February 8, 2011
Sustainserv announced its launch of EcoBusiness, a new web-based carbon accounting application designed to address the need for a cost-effective, efficient means of measuring and managing corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. EcoBusiness was developed in collaboration with EcoSpeed S.A., developer of EcoRegion, the most widely distributed software for municipal GHG accounting in the European Union.

Recent events such as the announcement of SEC climate risk disclosure guidelines and Walmart supplier sustainability assessment indicate that there is increasing pressure on businesses to report information on their GHG emissions.  According to the Carbon Disclosure Project, over 82% of Global 500 companies now report carbon footprint information.

EcoBusiness enables companies to quickly compile information on energy use, transportation, and other activities, calculating the resulting carbon footprint.  Data can be entered for multiple facilities or business units, and can be tracked both locally and enterprise-wide. The web-based platform provides instant access and a familiar interface for users at all levels of the organization, while ensuring that information is securely stored.  Analytical features include the ability to normalize GHG emissions against key business metrics such as production or revenue, and results can be easily exported to Excel for further manipulation or inclusion in corporate sustainability reports.
Companies recognize the business value in understanding, managing, and reporting their carbon footprint