Jill Rowe Joins the EBC Rhode Island Chapter

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Jill Rowe of RPS | North America will be joining the EBC Rhode Island Chapter. Jill looks forward to contributing her industry knowledge to the Rhode Island Chapter as a member of the Leadership Team.

Jill Rowe, Director, Ocean Science
RPS | North America
55 Village Square Drive, South Kingstown RI 02879, USA
401.789.6224  //  [email protected]

Click Here for Jill's Bio:

Jill Rowe is a Director of the Ocean Science sector of RPS with the responsibility of coordinating environmental assessment projects and working with individual project managers and technical staff to ensure that all projects are completed successfully and on time. She has 19 years of experience in modeling evaluating transport, spatial abundance and recruitment patterns, environmental sensitivity, and fate and exposure of biota to oil and other chemical releases. She has managed and assisted on projects with large teams consisting of both academic expert and consultant subcontractors, such as facilitating and leading technical working groups and expert committees for both the Deepwater Horizon NRDA and the BSEE Relative Environmental Sensitivity Analysis. She has been the RPS Project Manager for many projects for the oil and gas industry, such as the USCG update of environmental and economic benefits of the marine transport of hazardous substances, the USCG Offshore Environmental Cost Model (OECM) for analyzing damages in jurisdictions waters, the analysis of worst case discharge scenarios for oil and gas offshore facilities, and oil spill response equipment capabilities for the BSEE Oil Spill Preparedness Division (OSPD). She has also managed and is currently managing several projects for the offshore wind industry, such as the metocean data analysis in support of the South Fork Wind Farm COP; BOEM assessment of phased approaches to offshore wind developments; the BOEM Environmental Assessments of the Massachusetts and New York WEAs; COP support for Vineyard Wind; COP support for Atlantic Shores; and several benthic sampling and analysis projects for multiple offshore wind developers.