ISO New England is Hosting a Virtual Briefing based on the Evaluation of Pathways to a Future Grid Report

On Wednesday, June 1 at 10:00 a.m. (running for approximately 90 minutes), ISO New England will host a virtual briefing to present its recently-released report, Evaluation of Pathways to a Future Grid – a study of potential wholesale market design frameworks that would allow New England to meet its decarbonization goals. The briefing, held via WebEx, is free and open to the general public; however, registration is required.

The final report, Pathways Study: Evaluation of Pathways to a Future Grid, is available on the ISO’s website and a short summary is available on the ISO’s Newswire.

In early 2021, ISO-NE’s Board of Directors directed ISO management to pursue an assessment of policy and wholesale market frameworks that could help in the evolution of the regional power grid – specifically, a reduction in carbon emissions of 80% below 1990 levels by 2040. The ISO hired Analysis Group to conduct the study.

The June 1 briefing will elaborate on the need for the study given various state decarbonization and renewable energy mandates, the four specific pathways, and the results from the study. The four pathways included integration of a net carbon price into the regional wholesale market; creation of a new Forward Clean Energy Market (FCEM); a hybrid that includes elements of the net carbon pricing and FCEM approaches; and a continuation of the status quo (clean energy procurements by individual states). 

To register for the briefing, please visit ISO-TEN. Information to access the webinar will be sent to those who register through ISO-TEN.

Please contact ISO New England’s External Affairs department for additional information.