Isabel Kaubisch Added to the EBC Climate Change and Air Committee Leadership Team

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Isabel Kaubisch of Nitsch Engineering will be joining the EBC Climate Change and Air Committee Leadership Team. Isabel looks forward to contributing her industry knowledge to the Climate Change and Air Committee as a member of the Leadership Team.

Isabel Kaubisch, Project Manager
Nitsch Engineering
2 Center Plaza, Suite 430, Boston, MA 02108
617.338.0063  //  [email protected]

Click Here for Isabel's Bio:

Isabel Kaubisch is a Project Manager and Urban/Environmental Planner, and Resilience Expert working towards advancing sustainable and resilient projects for municipal and private clients at Nitsch. Isabel develops resilience strategies and solutions with clients that meet their needs. Solutions may include planning and permitting support, nature-based solutions such as green infrastructure measures or stormwater master plans to alleviate coastal flooding or stormwater impacts, or climate action plans and other climate adaptation and mitigation measures. Certified as a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness provider Isabel is working with coastal and inland communities and performs hazard mitigation planning support including associated GIS based risk and vulnerability assessments.

Isabel has worked in the renewable energy industry since 2002 and, as an early adapter of the offshore wind industry is knowledgeable of the offshore wind market regulations, permitting and supply chain industry requirements pertaining to port infrastructure and navigation. She has supported a variety of offshore wind projects and clients since 2009 when she co-authored the first US report on “Ports to support Offshore Wind” for the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MA CEC).

Isabel has 17 years of work experience in the public and private sector. She holds a German Diploma in Geography (MS equiv.) and a Certificate in Community Environmental Studies from Tufts Universities Urban and Environmental Planning Program. Having worked in Germany, the US and for a French company (EDF R&D), Isabel brings international work experience to the table. She is fluent in German and English and speaks conversational French and Spanish.