Hands On: Introducing Future Leaders to Environmental Responsibility

NewStream hosts Babson College’s Energy & Environmental Club

ATTLEBORO, MA, Issued April 16, 2009 – NewStream, LLC, a leading New England industrial wastewater treatment and materials recycling facility recently hosted fifteen students from Babson College’s Energy and Environmental Club.

As a company dedicated to ensuring the future of green business initiatives in New England, NewStream often opens its doors to student groups. Jon Nash, NewStream’s Director of Business Development says, “In today’s business climate, there is a great deal of talk about green business, clean technology, and corporate environmental responsibility. It stands to reason that our future business leaders should be well versed in these topics. And, at NewStream we believe the best way to teach environmental responsibility is hands-on.”

During the tour, the Babson students learned about industrial wastewater treatment and materials recycling.  They saw contaminated wastewater from a variety of industrial sources being treated using a series of physical/chemical and biological processes – dirty water on its way to being clean enough for release back into New England’s waterways.  They also saw used anti-freeze being recycled for reuse, rather than dumped into the environment.  Most importantly though, the students got to see and learn how one company is carrying out its commitment to environmental stewardship.

Babson College, located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, is renowned for its leadership in entrepreneurial thought. It was recently recognized as “one of the best business schools in the world” by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The team at NewStream appreciates the opportunity to talk to the Babson students about the Company’s mission and responsible business practices. NewStream can accommodate student groups of almost any size at its Attleboro facility. For more information, visit www.newstreamH2O.com.