GP-REC New England Aggregation Approaching 1 MW

July 13, 2011- Stamford, CT based GP Renewables & Trading is happy to announce the enrollment of its 70th customer to its GP-REC aggregation program! The program aggregates New England based solar PV systems of any size to generate state-registered compliance Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) that otherwise would not exist. “We are able to show value to the environmentally conscious solar PV customer.  We aggregate and create RECs that would have otherwise been lost by the PV system owner themselves and allowed to expire worthless. We are able to show these owners a return from going green above and beyond avoiding buying power from the utility, something no one else has done for people in New England.” says Founder and CEO Gabriel Phillips. “It is incredibly satisfying for us to bring value to people here in New England who are doing the right thing, they deserve our attention,” says Director of Renewable Energy and Environmental Services, Alexandre Baldassano.  The program, which is less than a year old has aggregated systems as small as 2kw and as large as 60kw and is quickly approaching 1mw of installed capacity.