Global Partners Refreshes Brand Image

Global Partners has been dedicated to delivering the energy that fuels daily lives for over 90 years. This year, they are taking a step into the future of Global with their refreshed brand image and their GlobalGLO initiative.

“Putting our Energy to Work” takes on new meaning as they adapt their strategy to delivering the energy their communities need to grow, move, and thrive.

Their new brand illustrates their commitment to guiding the industry forward – thoughtfully, responsibly, and sustainably.

Part of their new brand identity includes diversifying their product offerings to match sustainability supply and demand through GlobalGLO: 

GlobalGLOTM is a new initiative from Global Partners, designed for organizations seeking to meet internal environmental goals, stand out among their peers, or tap into contracting opportunities that require green supply chains. GlobalGLO empowers organizations to join us at the forefront of an ever-evolving energy landscape. Initial products include renewable diesel, a drop-in replacement for diesel fuel that lowers emissions up to 78%, and fuels paired with carbon offsets, which offer operations the opportunity to participate in mitigating climate change regardless of their renewable energy capabilities. Backed by tailored guidance and impactful marketing support, GlobalGLO helps propel our partners into the future alongside us. Contact Jon Dryja, Sustainability Business Development Manager, at [email protected] or 781-697-1655 for questions and support.

Through their integrated network, guest-focused experiences, and charitable work, they strive to deliver value to their customers, guests, employees, shareholders, and community members as the energy transition continues.