FAA Awards Solar Guidance Document Project to HMMH

March 16, 2010: Burlington, MA

Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. (HMMH) has been selected by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to develop a solar guidance document for airports. The guide will be in the format of a handbook or FAA Advisory Circular and be the central reference for airports interested in exploring the potential benefits and costs of solar energy. The guide will:

  • Provide baseline information on solar technology and applications for airports
  • Describe FAA requirements and procedures to ensure that a proposed system is safe and poses no risk to pilots, controllers, or airport operations
  • Review economic factors and business arrangements that make solar projects cost-effective
  • Illustrate the unique opportunities associated with solar generation at airports through case studies of existing installations and reference materials supporting their success, and
  • Detail how FAA funding programs can aid project development

In all, the guidance will provide a comprehensive, clear, and readily usable source of information that airport sponsors can apply to their evaluation of solar potential.

“We recognized over a year ago the unique landscape and business conditions for developing solar projects at airports and have begun working with several of our clients in this area,” said Bob Miller, an HMMH founder and Senior Vice President.  “We look forward to working with the FAA to assist more airports in capturing this value to enhance energy savings and reduce climate impacts in a manner that is compatible with airport operations.”

The FAA expects to make the Solar Guide available to airports by the end of 2010.