Enviro-Safe’s New Division: Enviro-HUB

Enviro-Safe Corporation, New England’s premier environmental management company, has formed a new division to provide environmental management services with specific programs to ensure regulatory compliance at Healthcare, Universities and Biotech organizations, Enviro-HUB.

Enviro-HUB brings a unique combination of capabilities, all under one roof, to provide these programs. With our philosophy of Safe, Compliant and Cost-Effective, your environmental management program can be customized to fit your needs, and provide the level of compliance demanded in these fields. From Consulting, to training, to Information Systems management, and to waste transportation and disposal, Enviro-HUB’s programs will set the standards for proper environmental stewardship at all of your locations.


Enviro-HUB?s professionals have over fifty years’ experience in consulting to hospitals, universities, and biotech organizations. Our areas of expertise include EH&S; management programs and EH&S; Auditing functions. We also provide Contingency Planning, SPCC Plans and Chemical Inventory and Tracking for products and wastes.


Enviro-HUB’s professionals provide all types of training based on your needs. This training includes RCRA, DOT, IATA and OSHA training. Specific training is determined as part of your overall EMS program.

Information Systems

Enviro-HUB can provide you with a customized information system that can manage your entire EMS needs. This system allows you to access all your information electronically and provides you with a template for ISO 14001 compliance. We will also provide software support and update you on regulatory changes.

Hazardous Waste Management

Enviro-HUB’s award winning TSDF provides the services you expect and need. Our trained drivers and field chemists will provide safe and compliant services at your site and transport your material to New England?s only seven consecutive year award-winning facility for compliance.
Call us at 800-585-7916 or visit our website. Enviro-HUB where U-Matter.