EBC Ocean and Coastal Resources Committee Announces New Leadership Team Members

EBC is pleased to announce new members have joined the Leadership Team of the EBC Ocean and Coastal Resources Committee. Please join EBC in welcoming them all to this position.

The members of the EBC Ocean and Coastal Resources Committee Leadership Team meet routinely with the Chair and Vice Chairs to identify topics for future EBC programs. As part of their responsibility, members of the leadership team will also take on the role of program chair to organize and moderate EBC programs.

Melissa A. Beauchemin

Ms. Beauchemin is a Senior Scientist at EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc., PBC. She has over 20 years’ experience in the environmental consulting industry, for both private and public sector clients.  Her focus has been on the evaluation and management of contaminated sediments, including at major Superfund Sites, for navigational dredging projects, and at former military bases. She leads field teams collecting sediment, surface water, and tissue data for site investigations, conceptual site model development, remedial investigations, and ecological risk assessments. She has experience conducting aquatic toxicity studies using benthic invertebrates and fish, bioaccumulation studies, and performing sediment chemistry analysis. She provides oversight services for federal and state agencies regarding all components of the ecological risk assessment process. She is a Certified Environmental Scientist and holds an undergraduate degree in Biology and a master’s degree in Environmental Science, with a focus on ocean and coastal policy.

John S. Frey

For the past 8 years, John has been building resilience into landscape and urban design projects. As a licensed landscape architect, he manages interdisciplinary teams and integrates technical expertise in drainage, urban resilience, climate adaptation, nature-based solutions, flood protection and infrastructure planning and design. His project experiences range from planning to construction and implementation as well as stakeholder engagement and facilitation for clients throughout the US, Norway, Denmark, Australia, Germany, and Sweden. John is currently a Senior Project Landscape Architect and managing several climate adaptation projects.

Natty King

Natty King is an environmental and urban planner at Fort Point Associates, Inc., a Tetra Tech Company. His primary duties at the firm consist of supporting development of permit applications for waterfront projects, including for the Chapter 91, Wetlands Protection Act, MEPA, and Section 404 regulatory programs. As a native of the Boston area, he is interested in balancing the interests of environmental quality and resiliency, public access, and preservation of water-dependent uses in coastal Massachusetts. Natty lives in Boston and holds a Master’s degree in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts University and a Bachelor’s degree in geography from the University of Vermont.

Daniel “Danny” Maggio

Mr. Maggio attended the University of Rhode Island for both his Masters and Undergraduate studies in Marine Affairs with a focus on Shellfish Aquaculture and Marine Spatial Planning. While attending URI and after graduating, he worked as an Assistant Harbormaster in Provincetown, Massachusetts. This allowed him to complete his Masters Thesis, which was on the Recreational Use of Provincetown Harbor and Attitudes Towards Shellfish Aquaculture. He now focuses his efforts on best practices in marine construction to help improve our failing marine infrastructure around the country.

Paul D. Martin

Mr. Paul Martin has a Bachelors degree in Biology from Carleton College and a Masters degree in Marine Biology from the University of New Hampshire. In addition to marine biology studies in New England, Mr. Martin has spent time at Friday Harbor Labs, Hopkins Marine Station, and Catalina Island Marine Science Center. Subsequent to obtaining his Masters, Mr. Martin has been an environmental consultant for 35 years, home based in Massachusetts but has worked on a variety of coastal projects in most U.S. coastal states, as well as Saudi Arabia, Panama, and Bahrain. Local memorable projects include managing the preparation of the Cape Wind EIS, permitting support of the HubLine Pipeline and Northeast Gateway Pipeline, work on a supplemental EIR for the Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, permitting support of the Fore River Replacement Bridge, and permitting support of the Long Island Bridge Demolition Project.  Mr. Martin finds coastal projects extremely interesting since they occur in the interface between terrestrial/freshwater environments and more open ocean environments, resulting in a high diversity of habitats, flora and fauna, as well as an amazing complexity of environmental regulations.

Devin J. Santa

Devin Santa is President of RACE Coastal Engineering whose stated mission is to provide responsive solutions where water meets land.  In this capacity, Devin has had a role in the planning, design, and implementation of hundreds of coastal engineering projects in the northeast region for government, private, and commercial clients with a particular expertise with dredging projects.  Through his 25+ years of experience in the waterfront engineering field he has seen what has worked and what hasn’t in the dynamic coastal environment. 

Devin is licensed as a professional engineer on the entire eastern seaboard and is a certified hydrographer.  His academic training includes a BS Degree in Civil (Structural) Engineering from Northeastern University and a ME Degree in Civil (Coastal) Engineering from Old Dominion University. 

In addition to the time Devin spends on the water for work he is also an avid offshore sailor and licensed Captain having logged over 40,000 miles in the North Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

Christopher Small

Mr. Small is a licensed professional engineer at EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC with over six years of experience working on a wide range of coastal/ocean related projects. His work typically incorporates climate change planning/adaptation, site characterization, data collection and analysis, and design. His design experience has primarily focused on leveraging nature-based solutions to improve the overall resilience of coastal communities/areas. He often leads the planning and execution of field work that involves deploying instruments to measure oceanographic parameters, such as water level and wave height. His field experience also includes the use of unmanned aircraft systems to aid in site characterization. Additionally, he has numerical modeling experience as both a working professional and a graduate student. This work primarily involved the modeling of coastal storm induced inundation, wave heights, and water quality impacts.

He is excited to join the Leadership Team of the EBC Ocean and Coastal Resources Committee and looks forward to contributing his thoughts and expertise, along with helping to lead and moderate Committee programs

Sarah W. Stearns

Sarah is a certified Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) with extensive experience in project management and environmental permitting for an array of projects related to master planning and land use with Beals and Thomas, Inc. (B+T). With nearly 25 years of experience – the past 11 with B+T – she has managed, prepared, and presented numerous complex applications and received approvals from federal and state regulatory agencies as well as local review boards and commissions. 

Though much of Sarah’s current environmental permitting work is largely located within inland wetland environments in Massachusetts, Sarah’s roots began in coastal and oceanic regimes. Early in her career, Sarah worked at sea and on land in Woods Hole, Massachusetts as a research assistant at the US Geological Survey (USGS) Marine and Coastal Geology Program as well as the Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry department at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI). As part of her college education at Wesleyan University, Sarah spend a semester with Sea Education Association (SEA), a unique program in Woods Hole and aboard the SSV Westward performing intensive oceanic and maritime study while sailing from Maine to Caribbean Sea. 

Peter von Zweck

Peter von Zweck is the Water Market Solutions Lead for Jacobs’ Americas North Region. He has 38 years of experience working with agencies managing public infrastructure. He has served a Project Manager or Principal In-charge for challenging water resources projects throughout the continental United States. His experience includes physical and numeric modeling of urban drainage systems, coastal flooding and riverine flooding. These projects have included the planning and design of infrastructure improvements that improve levels of service and reduce damages to both public and private property.