EBC Ocean and Coastal Resources Committee Announces New Leadership Team Member

EBC is pleased to announce that Adrienne Lennon, Senior Ecologist at BSC Group, Inc. has joined the Leadership Team of the EBC Ocean and Coastal Resources Committee. Please join EBC in welcoming Adrienne to this position.

The members of the EBC Ocean and Coastal Resources Committee Leadership Team meet routinely with the chairs and vice chairs to identify topics for future EBC programs. As part of their responsibility, members of the leadership team will also take on the role of program chair to organize and moderate EBC programs.

Adrienne’s Bio:

Adrienne Lennon
Senior Ecologist
BSC Group, Inc.
300 Brickstone Square, Andover, MA
[email protected] | 617-896-4300

Adrienne Lennon is a Project Manager and Senior Ecologist with BSC Group in their Andover, MA office. As a member of the Ecology Service, Adrienne sits on the Business Development Leadership Team and co-chairs the Community Engagement Employee Resource Group. In her environmental consulting practice, Adrienne regularly coordinates, prepares, and submits complex permit applications, conducts peer reviews, and leads grant-funded climate resilience, and land use planning projects. She has over a decade of experience in wetland science and field biology and now she is passionate about improving environmental protections by advancing policy at the municipal level by developing and implementing local ordinance and regulations, one community at time.

Her background as a city public administrator and environmental planner at the local and regional level on the North Shore and Merrimack River Valley informs her work in coastal and marine natural resource and conservation management planning. Adrienne has a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from Harvard University, concentrating on biological sciences and the classics. She is a former Conservation Commissioner, Conservation Agent, and current City Councilor. She brings her knowledge of federal, state, and local statutes and regulations, community outreach, and hearing experience to her clients in the public and private sectors.