EBC C&D Committee Merges with EBC Solid Waste Management Committee

The EBC Board has voted to merge the EBC Construction and Demolition Materials Committee into the EBC Solid Waste Committee. Tony Wespiser, Co-Chairman of the former C&D Materials Committee will become Vice Chairman of the Solid Waste Committee and Tom Mackie will remain Chairman of the Solid Waste Committee. Tony’s continued leadership will ensure that the functions of the EBC C&D Committee, particularly planning of the 10th Annual C&D Materials Regional Summit, will continue and that C&D issues will continue to be addressed in the context of the Solid Waste Committee.

The C&D Committee was developed at a time when the MassDEP and the C&D processing industry were actively discussing and developing performance standards for C&D processors and to follow up on the action items developed at each year’s C&D Summit. Since that work has been largely completed, the need for a separate C&D Committee has diminished. In addition, since many of the EBC members involved in the C&D Committee were also very involved the Solid Waste Committee there is little remaining need for a stand alone C&D Committee.

Those EBC members who have a particular interest in C&D materials are encouraged to join the EBC Solid Waste Committee Leadership team and actively participate in committee meetings, program planning and sponsorship, particularly the annual C&D Summit. Thanks go out to those many individuals, companies and government officials who have actively participated in the C&D Committee. We look forward to seeing you at future EBC Solid Waste Committee meetings and programs.