EarthShare of New England: One Environment… One simple way to care for it.

Recycling / Scientific Research / Ecotourism / Recreation /Habitat Protection / Advocacy / Clean Air and Clean Water / Education / Coalition Building / Land Preservation

What’s your environmental concern? You clearly have several if you are reading The Environmental Business Council’s newsletter.

If it is any of the above or, even, something else, there is an absolutely excellent chance that EarthShare  New England (ESNE) shares it with you.  More importantly, ESNE is doing something about it.

For twenty years EarthShare and its affiliates have been working with national and local environmentally-oriented nonprofits to focus attention and funding on those issues that are so important to all of us. ESNE offers employers and employees in our six state region an easy and effective way to contribute to its 75 member organizations that work every day as stewards of our planet. We do it through workplace payroll contribution campaigns the easiest and most-cost-effective ways of raising money for the nonprofit sector.

As a federation of environmental and conservation organizations, ESNE protects its workplace campaign partners by setting high standards of quality and accountability for those members. They must adhere to defined ethical, professional, financial, and operational benchmarks.

If you are currently involved with a workplace campaign that does not include ESNE and its members ESNE can help you add it to your list of giving opportunities. If you are not so involved, but think that people would appreciate a chance to contribute to environmental and conservation causes, ESNE can help you implement a workplace campaign. In an ESNE workplace campaign, people are encouraged to designate to causes or agencies that they choose to support; undesignated funds are distributed to all.
About half of ESNE members are national organizations; the remaining half is national organizations with local offices or thoroughly local, indigenous New England organizations. Some are huge some are very small. Some work primarily in the international arena; some work on the rivers and trails and forests and wetlands in your back yard. Some educate the next generation of environmentalists; some work with legislators to find ways to develop sustainable, responsible public policy. Giving at a workplace campaign is a simple, effective way to help them with their work.

Does it sound like a good idea?.a sensible way to care for our environment? If you are in a position to help us become involved in a workplace campaign?.in a corporate or a public sector employer?or f your employer has a campaign that does include ESNE tell others about us. Make something happen. If you want more information contact [email protected]  Your assistance is critically important.