Costello Dismantling Awarded Newton North High School Demolition Project

Newton city officials recently awarded the $7.6 million Newton North High School demolition project to Costello Dismantling Co., Inc. of Middleboro, MA.

“We did extensive background checks and satisfied ourselves that Costello was the right company for the job”, said Newton Alderwoman Sydra Schnipper.

“The demolition will be tricky because of the school’s location within the neighborhood,” said Bob Rooney, Newton’s chief operating officer.  “Despite the destructive nature of the process, demolition will require a delicate touch. It’s like trying to get an elephant out of the china cabinet without your parents hearing.  We chose Costello because they are very sensitive to close environments, and have a high track record for recycling as much of the demolished building material as possible.”

In November 2009, Costello Dismantling became the proud recipient of the Demolition & Recycling International Award in Amsterdam for the Environmental and Recycling category.

The 37-year-old, 445,000-square-foot structure was shown to be contaminated with asbestos, lead, mercury and PCB’s, which must be removed under highly-regulated procedures.   Costello Dismantling will be teaming up with Springfield-based American Environmental, Inc., an abatement company with whom they have worked in the past.  With their extensive experience, Dan Costello, president of Costello Dismantling, feels they are well-prepared for the task at hand.

Demolition is scheduled to begin mid-July, 2010 after the final clean-out of the building. Costello has pledged to finish the demolition by March, 2011.  The new school, built alongside its 1970’s-era predecessor, is set to open in September, 2010.