Complimentary Luncheon: Air Dispersion Modeling for Managers and Lawyers

Join Trinity Consultants for an informative lunch session that will provide a broad understanding of air dispersion modeling as a tool for compliance studies or permitting submittals. This luncheon will focus on the high level concepts of air dispersion modeling and not the technical details. We will discuss the fundamental modeling concepts, such as when modeling is required and the associated steps. In addition, we will discuss the information needed to run a model, associated timing to complete the model, and financial impacts to run a model. We will end the luncheon with a discussion on EPA’s status with regard to updates to the models as well as recent regulatory updates with regard to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) and compliance demonstrations required using the models.

Air Dispersion Modeling for Managers and Lawyers
March 22, 2016
12pm – 2pm
Boston, MA
Cost: $0
Lunch and presentation materials included