C&D World May 1-3, 2016 and the CDRA Awards

C&D World 2016

The 23rd C&D World is taking the meeting and the C&D recycling industry in a new direction! May 1-3, 2016 the meeting will be held in the exciting Silicon Valley city of San Jose, which is appropriate, as we will be focusing on the future of the C&D industry.

For the past 22 years the Annual Meeting of the CDRA has provided the information on how to survive and grow in the market, and for 2016 it is no different. Sessions ranging from future trends, end panel, cyber security and succession planning for C&D businesses are all part of the program. An exhibit hall showcasing the latest services and products for the industry will be located right next to the sessions room. In addition, We will recognize excellence in the C&D industry with the CDRA Awards Program, and the always poplar fundraising event will be held at a nearby casino, promising the usual excitement while providing an opportunity to support the only association that promotes the viewpoint of the C&D recycler.

C&D World, the only event to focus on C&D recycling has always been known as the place to learn the latest on C&D recycling, and the 2016 meeting will be no different. Top-notch sessions are planned, as always. But as a new twist, Zanker Recycling, a nationally known leader in C&D processing, will host a bus tour of its groundbreaking facility. Its six onsite processing lines have all had their recycling rates certified by the Recycling Certification Institute, and are considered state of the art for the industry.

Go to www.cdrecycling.org to register now.

CDRA Awards

Nomination forms for the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association’s Awards Program are now available at the association’s website, www.cdrecycling.org. The awards will be announced at C&D World, the association’s Annual Meeting May 1-3 in San Jose.

A C&D Recycling Hall of Fame is part of the CDRA program. Introduced last year, the Hall honors those individuals whose careers have best served the industry and the CDRA. Recyclers and vendors are eligible for the reward. Last year’s two inductees were Dr. Timothy Townsend, University of Florida, and Charles Gusmano, Sun Recycling.
Another award the CDRA bestows is C&D Recycler of the Year. This recognizes the individual or company that exemplifies excellence in the C&D industry. One other award is the CDRA Member of the Year, give to the board member or committee member who most serves the association in the previous year.

“The Hall of Fame provides a way to honor those who provided excellence to the C&D industry,” says Kevin Herb, current CDRA president and Managing Partner of Broad Run Recycling. “But our goal with all these awards is to recognize the best within the C&D recycling industry. It always means more when the recognition comes from one’s peers.”

Below is a description of the different awards. Nominations will be reviewed and winners determined by a committee of CDRA. Entries are due by March 10, 2016, and can be sent via e-mail to [email protected]. For more information, contact the CDRA at 630/585-7530; [email protected].

C&D Recycling Hall of Fame

This institution is to honor those prominent leaders and pioneers in the Construction and Demolition Recycling industry who have made an extraordinary contribution to the industry and who have earned the respect of the industry. Additionally to honor those who have made an extraordinary contribution to their community, both personally and professionally.

To recognize the achievements of those who have shown, by their example, the importance of promoting and defending the environmentally sound recycling of Construction and Demolition material through innovative processes along with encouraging and supporting others to build a career in the Construction and Demolition Recycling Industry.To recognize leadership in advocating for the environmentally sound practices with the regulating agencies and legislative bodies governing waste regulations.

Candidates for the Hall of Fame:

  1. Must exemplify leadership; defined as outstanding and enduring contributions to the success of the industry and to improving the processes, efficiencies and/or the human relations of the industry in an active capacity for a minimum of 10 years.
  2. Business actions and personal behavior should demonstrate courageous thinking and actions as well as vision and innovation.
  3. Candidates can come from the industry as an owner, operator or vendor.

C&D Recycler of the Year

The Operator of the Year is meant to honor those Recycling Operations in the Construction and Demolition Recycling industry who have made an extraordinary contribution to the industry through the one or more of the following criteria:

  • Advancing business operations that result in increase recycling percentages
  • Developing novel methods of marketing and conducting business
  • Innovative practices in employer-employee relations
  • Ensuring safer operations
  • Protecting the environment
  • Developing industry standards