California’s In-Conduit Hydropower Implementation Guidebook

The Water Research Foundation | California Energy Commission | Stantec | NLINE ENERGY | Stanford University

California’s In-Conduit Hydropower Implementation Guidebook

A Compendium of Resources, Best Practices, and Tools

April 18, 2019

Included in the linked PowerPoint presentation:

  • Background
  • Project Objectives
  • Research Approach
  • Life Cycle Aspects of In-Conduit Hydropower Projects
  • In-Conduit Hydropower Success Stories: San Gabriel Valley Water Company, CA; Amador Water Agency, CA
  • Business Case Assessment Tool
  • Assessment of In-Conduit Hydropower Potential in California
  • Summary and Research Needs

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For further information regarding the U.S. Department of Energy Standard Modular Hydro program developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the basis of the model the California Energy Commission used to create the guidebook, click here.