Buchanan & Associates Hires Associate Attorney Kate G. Weinstein

Boston, MA—June 1, 2007—Kate G. Weinstein, Esq. has been hired by Buchanan & Associates, a law office concentrating on environmental and land use matters which require the participation of government agencies or entities to resolve. The firm’s principal, Jamy Buchanan Madeja, Esq. is a Massachusetts lawyer with special expertise in environmental matters, particularly wetlands, “Chapter 91” and waterfront licensing issues.

Buchanan & Associates’ clients range from mid-sized corporations and trade associations to small neighborhood groups and municipal departments. What our clients often have in common is the need to obtain a specific environmental or land use result from their dealings with a government entity (such as a permit or an operating agreement or a change in policy). When Buchanan & Associates represents neighborhood groups or government entities such as municipalities, the common need is often the same, only in the inverse: to achieve a specified result in the dealings with government entities, such as the Department of Environmental Protection, or to reach agreement with development entities. Buchanan & Associates welcomes our new associate Kate Weinstein to our office.

Ms. Weinstein has a B.A. in Environmental Science from Boston University, and a J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law. Her prior legal experience includes working for both public and private clients in the areas of public interest environmental law, environmental administrative law, and civil litigation. Ms. Weinstein has dedicated her career to working on environmental issues, and she is excited to be the newest addition to Buchanan & Associates.