Brian McCormack Named Vice Chair of the EBC Solid Waste Management Committee

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Brian McCormack of Weston & Sampson will be joining the EBC Solid Waste Management Committee as the new Vice Chair. Brian looks forward to contributing his industry knowledge to the Solid Waste Management Committee.

Brian will be joining the current chair of the committee, David Murphy of Tighe & Bond. EBC would like to thank Tony Wespiser of Weston & Sampson for his service as outgoing Vice Chair of the EBC Solid Waste Management Committee.

Brian McCormack Team Leader
Weston & Sampson
55 Walkers Brook Drive, Suite 100, Reading, MA 01867
(978) 532-1900  //  [email protected]

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Brian McCormack, PE, Project Manager/Team Leader at Weston & Sampson, has more than 20 years of experience with a wide range of civil and environmental engineering projects. As a solid and hazardous waste engineer, he has completed numerous solid waste projects including landfill assessment, capping, and post-closure use, transfer station permitting and design, as well as numerous soil/groundwater assessment and remediation projects at sites under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP). Brian has also been responsible for the project management and engineering of more than 25 building deconstruction/demolition, hazardous material abatement, and demolition debris management projects throughout New England.

Along with the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management, he accepted the 2016 EBC Nicholas Humber Award for Outstanding Collaboration Award for the relocation and capping of 30,000 cubic yards of asbestos-impacted construction and demolition debris from a Charles River wetland and subsequent redevelopment as the Charles River Gateway Park. This was a first-in-the-state project permitting on-site relocation of a large volume of asbestos fill, thereby eliminating out-of-state disposal and associated traffic and carbon emissions.

He holds a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the Dublin Institute of Technology.