Bowles, Browner and Healy to Serve on Harvest Power’s Newly Established Strategic Advisory Board

WALTHAM, Mass., Nov 21, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Harvest Power, a leader in producing renewable energy, soil and mulch products from organic materials, has announced the formation of a Strategic Advisory Board to assist the Company in its strategy to fundamentally change North America’s relationship with organics. The group will be chaired by former Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Ian Bowles, an expert in cleantech policy and business development. Global strategist and former EPA Administrator Carol Browner and EnerNOC CEO Timothy Healy will serve on the three-member Board.

“The establishment of this Strategic Advisory Board is a critical step forward in Harvest’s quest to become one of North America’s premier cleantech companies,” said Paul Sellew, Harvest’s CEO. “Ian Bowles, Carol Browner and Tim Healy are the latest additions to our growing roster of thought and policy leaders; they will help Harvest develop business plans to shape the sustainable future.”

Harvest builds stronger systems of organics recycling, renewable energy and soil revitalization. The company is ushering in a new organics operating system that redefines the way North America extracts value from organic materials.

“Germany is a prototype for the potential impact of Harvest’s technologies: Though the Germans are known as leaders in solar and wind power, they produce twice as much renewable energy from the conversion of organics,” said Bowles. “The United States is way behind the curve in turning this disposal problem into a valuable resource. Organic materials will fuel the next big wave of renewable energy development, and I’m delighted to help Harvest lead the way.”

“Harvest is committed to working with local communities to bring sustainable, twenty-first century solutions to the way they manage organics,” said Browner. “I look forward to working with Harvest to develop strategic solutions to expanding this market and the health, environmental and economic benefits of this technology.”

“Harvest Power offers one of the few renewable energy solutions that can provide base-load, 24/7 electricity generation in urban environments,” added Healy. “They will make an important contribution to the development of a better, more reliable electric grid.”
Bowles is the managing director of Rhumb Line Energy, an advisory firm focused on strategy and business development in clean energy. As the secretary of energy and environmental affairs under Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, he helped the state set the highest standards in the nation for greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, clean energy incentives and building codes. Bowles also served as principal international environment and natural resources policy advisor on the White House staff of President Bill Clinton.

As a senior counselor at the Albright Stonebridge Group, Browner provides strategic counsel on environmental protection, energy conservation, climate change, water security and resource scarcity. She recently served as the top energy and environmental White House advisor to President Obama and director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy. From 1993 through 2001, Ms. Browner served as the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Healy is the CEO, chairman, and co-founder of EnerNOC, one of the world’s largest full-service energy management providers. He led EnerNOC’s 2007 initial public offering, for which he received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in New England.

About Harvest Power
Harvest enables communities to produce low-cost renewable energy and high-value products from organic materials. The company harnesses the full potential of organic materials by recycling energy and nutrients through its renewable energy facilities and its production of nutrient-rich soils, mulches and fertilizers. Harvest owns and operates North American facilities in British Columbia, Ontario, California and throughout the Mid-Atlantic states, and has grown rapidly since its founding in 2008. The company was twice named to the Cleantech 100 (Top Global Cleantech companies), designated “Emerging Company of the Year” by the New England Clean Energy Council and received an SBANE 2011 New England Innovation Award.