Blue H’s Deepwater Floating Wind Turbine Project Selected by UK Government

Project Deepwater Turbine, a consortium led by Blue H including BAE Systems, EDF Energy, CEFAS, SLP Energy and Romax, has been selected by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) as one of the first projects to receive funds as part of its ₤1.1 billion initiative. This UK based project aims at developing an integrated solution for a 5MW floating turbine deployed offshore in waters between 30 and 300 meters deep.

The goal of the Project Deepwater Turbine is to reduce the cost of electricity generation to a level competitive with other forms of energy; the design of the turbine will seek to reduce the overall complexity and costs inherent in the conventional construction and installation of wind units fixed on the seabed as well as the maintenance costs during the life of the unit.

The Blue H consortium is one of three offshore wind consortia to receive funding from the ETI, a unique partnership between the UK Government and six major global industries – BP, Caterpillar, EDF, E.ON, Rolls Royce and Shell – which has been established to support the achievement of the UK?s challenging targets for reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Neal Bastick, CEO of Blue H said: “This ETI award represents another important milestone for our company in developing and completing its technical footprint. As a result of this ETI program, Blue H and its consortium partners will help the UK achieve its newly agreed objective of 20GW of offshore wind installed by 2020”.

Blue H installed the world’s first floating wind turbine prototype in the summer of 2008. The company is currently building the first operational 2MW unit in Brindisi, which it expects to deploy offshore Puglia (Southern Italy) in 2009.

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