BLR Launches Online Chemical Lists database for EHS Professionals

Old Saybrook, CT, September 1, 2015: BLR has recently launched Chemical Lists on TRAC360, which allows users to access chemical information anywhere, anytime. “This new product represents the evolution of our best-selling CD, The Book of Chemical Lists, into an online application,” says Rafael Cardoso, Executive Vice President of BLR’s Workforce Division “The evolution of this product now provides EHS professionals instant chemical information, always up-to-date with new lists and regulations, accessible from anywhere.”

TRAC360 Chemical Lists provides real time updates to every important regulatory list customers need to maintain environmental, health, and safety reporting of chemicals. Whether it is Tier II reports, TRI reports, SARA Title III, reportable quantities for spills, permissible exposure limits, or carcinogens, environmental, health, and safety, professionals can use the powerful search capabilities to search for more than 115,000 chemicals by Chemical Abstracts Service number or chemical name to quickly and easily find the lists needed to determine the regulatory burden of the products.

“For the past 25 years, environmental, health and safety professionals who manage chemicals or author safety data sheets have benefited from BLR’s Book of Chemical Lists, first in print, then on CD-ROM. We are pleased to offer this important regulatory information on a Web platform for our customers,” said Brad Forrister, Vice President of Product Development at BLR.

A TRAC360 Chemical Lists subscriber said recently, “I’ve worked in the chemical industry for 20 years and the lists were most helpful. It’s a very good product that can let me see quickly where, how, and if a chemical is regulated that then puts me on the right track as to how we need to handle and dispose of it.”

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