Bioengineering Group wins SAME Sustainability Award: Education and Outreach

Bioengineering Group Recognized with Honor Award for Sustainability Education and Outreach by SAME The Society of American Military Engineers Sustainability Awards recognize outstanding efforts to meet the goals of Executive Order 13514. The awards were presented in two categories. 1) Towards Net Zero; and 2) Education and Outreach. A team featuring Bioengineering Group and USACE Engineering Research and Development Center was recognized in the Education and Outreach Category for their project Energy Quality Flow Analysis for Ultra-Low Energy. The SAME Sustainability Awards were presented for the first time at the 2012 Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo in St. Louis, MO in June 2012. Communities

President Barack Obama signed E.O. 13514 on On Oct. 5, 2009, which focuses on federal leadership in environmental, energy, and economic performance. The Executive Order sets sustainability goals for federal agencies, requiring them to set a 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target within 90 days; increase energy efficiency; reduce fleet petroleum consumption; conserve water; reduce waste; support sustainable communities; and leverage Federal purchasing power to promote environmentally-responsible products and technologies.

SAME Sustainability Award: Education and Outreach
The SAME Sustainability Award: Education and Outreach recognizes efforts that are directed to contracting officers, facilities, public works personnel, user groups and/or occupants that promote an understanding of E.O. 13514 as well as explain the technologies and best management practices necessary to attain the goals.

The implementation of E.O. 13514 and other far reaching goals like Triple Net Zero installations (zero water footprint, zero waste production, and zero energy) at the post level requires a concerted effort to educate personnel about the initiatives and how they can be achieved.

Submittals addressed behaviors over the previous 12 months that resulted in demonstrable, sustainable improvements in energy and water use and waste reduction. Community outreach in the form of training programs, publicity programs, greening efforts and procurement efforts that emphasize sustainability goals were especially sought, and explained how efforts fit into an overall strategy.