EBC Paul G. Keough Award for Government Leadership

Award Recipient: Paul W. Locke

In Recognition of Exceptional Communication and Collaboration Across Stakeholders in Soil Management and Waste Site Cleanup

The EBC Paul G. Keough Award for Government Leadership is awarded to Paul W. Locke, retired leader with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP). Paul served the citizens of the Commonwealth for 35 years, beginning his MassDEP career in 1987 fresh out of graduate school. In 2003 Paul began his long tenure in MassDEP’s Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup, which oversees the assessment and remediation of sites impacted by releases of oil and hazardous materials, eventually serving as Assistant Commissioner of the Bureau. He also served as Acting Deputy Commissioner for Policy and Planning and for Operations at MassDEP.

Paul had many accomplishments during his tenure in MassDEP’s Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup. He was a leader on soil management issues, directing the development of policy and the implementation of an approval process that provided for the reuse of soils with low concentrations of oil or hazardous materials at quarries, sand pits, and gravel pits. He was instrumental in launching the on-line Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup file viewer in 2009, which made reports and other documents related to sites regulated under M.G.L. c. 21E and the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) available publicly via MassDEP’s web site.

Paul was known within and outside MassDEP as an excellent communicator, particularly on challenging topics. He was an enthusiastic collaborator who generously shared his time and talents with his colleagues and with MassDEP stakeholders. He valued relationships, and that informed his work, spending countless hours in working groups and stakeholder meetings. MassDEP’s regulations, policy, and guidance documents are better because of Paul’s commitment to collaboration.

Presenting the Award:

Stephanie Cooper, Undersecretary for Environment
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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The 2023 Paul G. Keough Award for Government Leadership

EBC Paul G. Keough Award for Government Leadership

Award Recipient: Kimberly Tisa

In Recognition of Exceptional Knowledge, Guidance, and Leadership in the Assessment, Remediation, and Decontamination of Polychlorinated Biphenyl Compounds in New England

The EBC Paul G. Keough Award for Government Leadership is awarded to Kimberly Tisa, former U.S. EPA Region 1 polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) Coordinator. Ms. Tisa served in this role for over 28 years, advancing the knowledge of site assessment, remediation, and decontamination / disposal of regulated PCBs in Region 1 and throughout the country. Through her deep ties with the consulting, government, and public and private regulated communities, Ms. Tisa worked collaboratively to remove these persistent chemicals throughout the Northeast and assisted with TSCA issues across the country.

She has provided exceptional guidance to the industry on how to safely and effectively remediate PCBs in accordance with the regulations contributing many hours to meetings with owners, clients, consultants and industry organizations. Ms. Tisa educated hundreds if not thousands in the environmental community of the risks associated with PCBs and more importantly how to mitigate these risks safely and effectively. Her leadership has resulted in a cleaner environment, more comprehensive remediation / decontamination projects, and property redevelopment and revitalization throughout New England and the country.

Presenting the Award:

Frank Ricciardi, PE, LSP

Chair, EBC TSCA & Emerging Contaminants Committee
CEO, Weston & Sampson, Inc.

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The 2022 Paul G. Keough Award for Government Leadership