EBC James D.P. Farrell Award for Brownfields-Remediation Project of the Year

Award Project: Conley Terminal Soil Reclamation and Reuse Program

Award Recipients:

  • Massachusetts Port Authority
  • GEI Consultants, Inc.
  • D. W. White Construction
  • Bala Consulting Engineers
  • Keville Enterprises
  • Nitsch Engineering
  • HDR

The EBC James D.P. Farrell Award for Brownfields-Remediation Project of the Year is awarded to the Soil Reclamation and Reuse Program executed at Conley Container Terminal in recognition of the substantial reduction of impact to the surrounding community and on the environment through effective and innovative management and reuse of material. Conley Terminal is an important economic asset for the region, serving all 4.2 million residents of the Boston-MA-NH-RI Urbanized Area, supporting more than 2,500 businesses, and connecting the New England region to the global economy. The innovative and comprehensive management of over 86,000 cubic yards of materials included characterization, in-situ concrete stabilization, processing and reuse, contaminant isolation, and CAD cell disposal. Over 7,300 truck trips for off-site disposal and 4,900 truck trips for import of subbase material were eliminated. The elimination of these truck trips resulted in the elimination of the use of an estimated 48,650 gallons of truck fuel, which translated to an estimated elimination of 3.70 short tons of NOx emissions and an estimated elimination of 547.32 short tons of CO2 emissions for the project.

Presenting the Award:

COL (ret) Curt Thalken, P.E.
Chief Executive Officer
Normandeau Associates, Inc.

Award Photos

The 2022 James D.P. Farrell Award for Brownfields-Remediation Project of the Year