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The Weather Channel Unlocks The Climate Code This Fall

Somewhere between hyperbole and disregard is the truth about Earth's climate and global warming. Beginning October 1, 2006, The Weather Channel will ... Read More »

Romney Appoints New Environmental Affairs Secretary

Governor Mitt Romney today announced that Robert W. Golledge Jr. has been named secretary of the Executive Office of Environmental ... Read More »

There Is No ‘Consensus’ On Global Warming

According to Al Gore's new film "An Inconvenient Truth," we're in for "a planetary emergency": melting ice sheets, huge increases ... Read More »

Chafee Visits Planned Site of Nantucket Wind Farm

BY TIMOTHY C. BARMANN Providence Journal Staff Writer FALMOUTH, MASS. -- There's no substitute for seeing it firsthand, and thus, ... Read More »

New Wind Farm Storm Gathers

FAIRHAVEN -- Gail Isaksen, a lifelong Fairhaven resident, was not surprised that this hard-working fishing village on Buzzards Bay has ... Read More »

Cape Wind Dealt a Setback

Governor Mitt Romney, an opponent of the wind farm proposed for Nantucket Sound, would gain the authority to kill the ... Read More »