ASA Delivers Capping Model to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

One of the challenges related to dredging operations is managing the disposal of dredged material. metric tons of crude oil into the sea. The Corps of Engineers and other agencies use Dredge Material Management Plans (DMMPs) that incorporate the latest science, public input and practical solutions for management of dredging programs. One of the tools used to support these plans is MDFATE (, a model for determining the mound development and fate of disposed material.

ASA has developed a system for the New England District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that integrates MDFATE with tools to help manage the disposal of marine sediment dredged from New England waters.  The tool allows Corps staff to determine the volume of material required to cap dredge spoils on the seafloor. The underlying MDFATE model simulates the open water disposal of dredged material released from barges, and the Cap Model runs successive simulations of MDFATE to determine the seafloor placement of dredge spoil material and an associated cap to cover the spoil mound.  Through a series of iterative runs, the model determines the optimal volume of cap material necessary to cover a dredge spoil mound.

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