Aquapoint, Inc. Awarded $1.4 Million Wastewater Treatment Contract by U.S. Navy for Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

New Bedford, MA – December 1, 2006 – Aquapoint was awarded the exclusive contract to supply the equipment for the upgrade of the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Aquapoints BioclereTM modified trickling filter was selected by the Navy after an extensive technology review. Aquapoints Bioclere was selected in part for its ability to treat high strength waste streams within a small footprint while realizing low capital and lifecycle costs. They also fit the diverse site requirements of the base. Islands Mechanical Contractors of Jacksonville, Florida will be handling the installations at the various sites on the base and plan to begin construction early in 2007. They are an experienced contractor with many years of work on the base at Guantanamo Bay.

Guantanamo Bay does have two Waste Water Treatment Plants that utilize the Contact Stabilization derivative of the Activated Sludge treatment process. However, other wastewater flows are simply treated with existing septic tank systems that outfall into the surrounding waters. This project redirects some of these flows to an existing Water Treatment Plant and replaces some of the existing septic tank systems with new septic tanks and Bioclere units to treat the wastewater to a higher quality effluent meeting environmental guidelines.

Guantanamo Bay is the second wastewater treatment project awarded to Aquapoint by the military. The first was a facility in North Carolina which also selected Bioclere.

Aquapoint, Inc. is a privately owned company headquartered in New Bedford, Massachusetts with over 900 wastewater treatment installations in North America and is a leader in decentralized wastewater treatment. Principal technologies are the Bioclere Hybrid Highrate Trickling Filter and LotusTM ActiveCellTM Fluidized Bed Reactor.