AirShark LLC and Media Wing Merge

Creates Leading Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) company in Northeast

 (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) – AirShark LLC ( has merged with Media Wing ( to become the leading Northeast provider of infrastructure inspection and mapping data via Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

Founded in 2014 in Vermont, AirShark’s Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) capture high-resolution imagery that has revolutionized mandatory regulatory inspection and mapping in energy, telecommunications, environmental assessment, and transportation. There’s no better way to showcase cinema-grade images than from a bird’s eye view. And AirShark’s high-resolution image technology including thermography enables safe and efficient inspections of critical infrastructure such as cell towers and bridges without risk to human workers.

“Media Wing is proud to have merged with AirShark to provide our clients with creative and unimaginable documentation for a host of critical initiatives,” according to CEO Fred Depuy. Together, AirShark and Media Wing deliver aerial data acquisition, image processing, and custom integration services for commercial and industrial clients. “It’s an unbeatable combination of storytelling, talent and innovation,” Depuy added.

Across the United States, drone technology has rewritten the book on how scientists, local, state and federal governments, and the private sector, gather and curate time-sensitive data. AirShark pilots provide clients with vivid overhead maps, precise elevation models, 3D structural views, and when needed, Media Wing’s industry-acclaimed videos. These overhead images covering difficult-to-reach expanses of land and sea areas make the technology indispensable.

AirShark has worked with the federal government, private utilities and scientific research teams that focus heavily on compliance and other regulatory-related inspections issues.


Media Contact:
Jon Budreski, Business Director, AirShark
[email protected] | (802) 552-0935