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Julie Eaton Receives the Environmental Business Council of New England Ascending Leader Award

Posted July 27, 2018 by

July 27, 2018 – Boston, MA – The Environmental Business Council of New England (EBC) is pleased to announce that Julie Eaton, Project Engineer and Lead Resiliency Engineer with Weston & Sampson, is a recipient of the 2018 EBC Ascending Leader Award.

Julie began at Weston & Sampson in their Environmental, Geotechnical, & Energy group working on a range of geotechnical, environmental, and resiliency projects. Initially responsible for performing dam safety inspections, conducting subsurface investigations and soil classification, performing environmental sampling, and providing representation on-site and during construction, Julie quickly began providing targeted engineering services and advice related to infrastructure resiliency and climate change adaptation. While still fulfilling her geotechnical responsibilities, she firmly established herself in this relatively new market area, encouraged Weston & Sampson’s corporate growth in this critical industry, and is now their Lead Resiliency Engineer.

She became a certified Engineer-in-Training in 2015 and a Massachusetts Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Provider in 2017. Julie routinely promotes, attends, and participates in industry events like conferences, summits, and panels and tirelessly supports colleagues, peers, and clients in their pursuit of resilient design and preparedness. She has delivered thought-provoking climate adaptation presentations at Environmental Business Council (EBC) events, the Railroad Environmental Conference (RREC), and for the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA); she is also an active member of the Steering Committee for the Climate Adaptation Forum co-sponsored by the EBC and the UMass Boston Sustainable Solutions Lab.

Julie leads by example, hard work, initiative, and dedication to the environment and is as comfortable and composed in the field assessing and documenting overnight storm effects on a flooded facility as she is in front of an interview committee for a high-stakes opportunity or effortlessly networking at an industry event. She has an innate understanding of how to balance the complexities of stakeholder management with resilient design and can explain high-level concepts to a variety of audiences with ease. A natural leader, communicator, and collaborator, Julie regularly seeks out opportunities for growth and improvement and encourages others to exceed their own expectations as well.

Each year, the EBC recognizes young professionals in the energy and environmental sectors demonstrating exceptional leadership and industry involvement early in their careers. Recipients are leaders within their own organizations, often acting as mentors to junior staff, providing thought leadership on critical issues, and leading teams on difficult or large projects. They also represent their organizations through participation in industry associations and committees, supporting the growth of the environmental and energy sectors. Early career success and rapid advancement in the industry are hallmarks of award recipients, who are often involved civically as well.

Julie will be honored at the EBC Annual Summer Garden Party in Boston on August 9, 2018.

The Environmental Business Council of New England (EBC) was established in 1990 by environmental and energy company executives who began meeting on a regular basis to exchange ideas and share experiences. The EBC was the first organization in the United States established to support and foster the development of the environmental industry. The goal of the EBC is to enhance business and job growth of both established and emerging environmental and energy businesses. For more information, please contact Ann Gisinger at (617) 505-1818 or ebc@ebcne.org.


Register Today – USGBC MA’s Green Building Leadership Institute

Posted July 25, 2018 by

It has been 25 years since USGBC started, 18 years since LEED launched and 10 years since the Massachusetts Green Building community came together and formed the USGBC MA Chapter.  Since then over 13.8 billion square feet of space have earned LEED certification and Massachusetts is #1 for LEED Buildings and Energy Conservation. A visit to Boston Seaport and increased flooding due to climate change during storms tells another story about how much work we still have to do.

Now, more than ever, we need knowledgeable emerging professionals leading the way.

With this in mind, USGBC MA is proud to announce the launch of the Green Building Leadership Institute (GBLI) and its inaugural program the Emerging Professionals Certificate Program (EPCP). This program is for emerging professionals and students looking to advance their sustainable building knowledge, leadership skills, community engagement and professional brand to the next level.

For more information, head to: http://usgbcma.org/gbli/

P.S. don’t miss out on the Healthy Building Summit on August 14 in Cambridge, MA. For more information, head to: http://usgbcma.org/hbs18/


Applications open for Harvard University’s Climate Change Solutions Fund

Posted July 24, 2018 by

Article source: The Harvard Gazette

“As of July 16, applications are being accepted for the Climate Change Solutions Fund. The deadline for applications is Oct. 15.

The Harvard University Climate Change Solutions Fund supports research and policy initiatives intended to reduce the risks of climate change, hasten the transition from fossil fuel-based energy systems to those that rely on renewable energy sources, to develop methods for diminishing the impact of existing fossil fuel-based energy systems on the climate, to understand and prepare for the impacts of climate change, and to propel scientific, technological, legal, behavioral, policy and artistic innovations needed to accelerate progress toward cleaner energy, improved human health, and a greener world.

Applications should propose research that will advance solutions to climate change and its impact.  Solutions may include both preparedness and mitigation and strong consideration will be given to projects that demonstrate a clear pathway to application, as well as riskier proposals with the potential to be transformative over time. Proposals that demonstrate imaginative and promising collaboration among faculty and students across different parts of the University will receive special consideration, as will projects that propose using the university campus as a “living laboratory.”

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research administers the Climate Change Solutions Fund. The office invites eligible faculty and students to submit proposals for funding no later than Oct. 15.  Applications are accepted through the Harvard University Funding Portal (HUFP).”


Presentation Added: Solid Waste Management Program – Innovative Alternative Technologies to Manage Municipal Solid Waste

Posted July 20, 2018 by

The available presentations from the EBC Solid Waste Management Program: Innovative Alternative Technologies to Manage Municipal Solid Waste completed on July 20, 2018, can be viewed below.

Final Agenda – EBC Solid Waste Management Program – Innovative Alternative Technologies to Manage Municipal Solid Waste

Presentations – EBC Solid Waste Management Program – Innovative Alternative Technologies to Manage Municipal Solid Waste


EBC Congratulates Gretchen Carey on her Appointment to President of MassRecycle

Posted July 18, 2018 by

Congratulations to Gretchen Carey on her recent appointment to President of the Board of Directors at MassRecycle. MassRecycle is a 501c3 statewide recycling organization dedicated to waste reduction and recycling.

Gretchen serves as the Massachusetts Recycling and Organics Coordinator for Republic Services, and is a member of the EBC Solid Waste Management Committee Leadership Team.

Gretchen Carey, Recycling & Organics Coordinator, LEED Green Associate
Republic Services
320A Charger Street, Revere, MA 02151
781.560.1412  //  GCarey@RepublicServices.com